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There comes a time when the painting and finishing marketplace recognizes the need for full compliance. Compliance at the industry standards level, at the customer relationship level, and at the shop floor level.

Compliant at all levels.
There is a better and easier way to find the painting and finishing solution that's just right for you. We will listen to your questions or concerns so that we can understand your specific application or need, and then provide the exact spray booth, finishing system or custom package you require. We are a team of problem-solvers that will take on your tough challenges.

Getting it right the first time is the way we do business. From the 20-plus years of experience that our management team has in the paints and coatings industry, we've learned to take great care of people by offering the best spray technology and a superior customer experience. From our first conversation about your specific finishing needs all the way through to final setup and operation, you can count on us.

Let's talk about getting you compliant on every level.

The team here at Compliant is made up of seasoned managers and industry professionals who have the experience, knowledge and energy to provide solutions that meet your particular needs. And we’re ready to get started.

Donnie Montgomery: President
Robbie Owens: Vice President / Sales
Teresa Owens: Engineering Manager
Jerry Myrick: Plant Manager

Compliant Paint Booths

We have the painting and finishing solutions for you.

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  • Paint Spray Booths
  • High-Capacity Finishing Systems
  • Powder Booths (Spray-to-Waste or Reclaim)
  • Powder Cure Batch Ovens
  • Mixing Rooms
  • Air Makeup Units
  • Exhaust Walls
  • Blast Enclosures
  • Prep Stations
  • Light Fixtures
  • Booth/System Installation and Support
  • Booth and Equipment Maintenance
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If you want, give us a call. We love hearing from people interested in painting and coating the right way.

Compliant Paint Booths
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